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Like a medicine, Timsie removes your timekeeping and attendance
headaches. It is especially designed for your retail kiosks/stores and field employees.

Remove the manual collection of
your timekeeping records from
different branches

Timsie simplifies your timekeeping management
by removing manual collection of your Daily Time
Records (DTRs) and letting you monitor real-time
updates of Time-ins and Time-Outs of all your
employees through the web.

Minimize your employee tardiness
and long breaks right away.

Timsie knows when the employee is late or have taken
extended breaks. It is also equipped with a unique
Anti-late feature that requires your employees to
explain the reason why they are late before allowing
them to officially Time in

Avoid late-opening penalties and lost
sales due to late employees.

We understand how every minute counts in retail stores.
Lost sales and late-opening penalties can never compensate
for a payroll deduction. That is why Timsie will notify you
when one of your branches has not opened yet.
So you can make emergency actions right away.

Rob dela Cruz

Employee # 123-456

Assign shifts and change schedules

With Timsie, you can so easily assign shifts to your
employees and make modifications in no time,
wherever you are. We know that emergency
schedules are unavoidable in retail operation so we
got you covered.

Access employee records and schedules
instantly from anywhere

Enough of digging through files and folders of your
employee records. With Timsie, you can quickly
access your employees profiles of HRIS in just a click
of a button. With a laptop, tablet or smartphone,
you can check schedules and view employee tracking
even at the comforts of your favorite cafe.

If you think Timsie is the answer to your timekeeping headaches,
please hit the button below and we'll be there to help you take the pain away.

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