Timsie - Features

Comprehensive and intelligent features
for a happier timekeeping management.


Intelligent Facial Matching

Timsie utilizes the power of today's technology
through facial recognition feature that intelligently
identifies a person by their face. This function will
ensure that the right person is timing-in on the right
time and place and eliminates buddy punching,
or even ghost employees.


Anti-late Feature

Manual consolidation of tardiness reasons
is a thing of the past. With Timsie, you can
ask your employees the reason for coming
in late just when they arrive. Anti-late
feature is proven to minimizze tardiness.


Timsie incredibly works offline! This means
even if your branch does not have available
WiFi connection, you can still have your employees
use Timsie to time-in or time-out. And with
SmartNotification, your staff will be notified if
it's time to sync so they can send data to your
dashboard just right on time.

Breaktime Logs

Breaktimes can be sometimes tricky.
1 minute overbreak can consequently
cost you much than you can think of.
Timsie will help you track lunchbreaks
and in-between shift breaks of your
employees easily. With breaktime logs,
you will be informed of over break in

Scheduling made easy with Timsie

Timsie enables you to effectively manage your
employee schedules. View shift and staff assignment
real-time even when you're on-the-go. Access Timsie
via tablet or a smartphone and edit schedules in an
interactive calendar.

LateOpening Alarm

This unique feature informs you when one of
your branch opens later than it should be.
LateOpening alarm will send you an instant
notification. This way, you can instantly check
your branch's situation and even address
potential concerns.

Reward employees for being on time.
And they will always be on time.

Easily identify employees with perfect attendance including Early Birds.
Timsie offers Leader Boards and Rank Listings to help you recognize punctual
employees and reward them for being so. They'll be happy for it. And you too!

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