Timsie - How It Works

How Timsie Works

Timsie is an exciting app and is ridiculously easy to use.
Take away your bulky time clocks and watch this short video
to discover how your employees could simply
time-in and time-out with their smiles!

*Easy set-up in less than 5 minutes. No credit card required.

Timsie mobile app is a friendly application where your employees can time-in and time-out while having fun!
Imagine them having a selfie before the shift starts, it'll just put smiles on their faces!

Input Employee ID and

"By shifting from manual timecard to Timsie, our accounting team can do more than just
managing payroll. They now focus more on other essential tasks. I think Timsie is one of the
most important decisions our company has made."


HR Manager

STEP 2: Take a selfie! Okay, a self-portrait.

Enjoy your shift!


Business Owner

"I never thought there's such a system where making 'selfie' was put into relevant use. With
Timsie, I feel that posing for a selfie to time-in at work brings additional happiness when they
start their shift."

Be free from timekeeping headaches.
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Easy set-up in 5 minutes or less. No credit card required.

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